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EDIT (16/05/2018):

Regarding MCM London Comic Con at the end of May, I am attending on Saturday only.

I do not plan on attending the one in October, but may reconsider.


Original entry follows below:

Recently, someone has posted on Facebook that he/she, along with 30 other people, have not received prizes from cosplay competitions they entered at MCM's Comic Cons. He/she and others have contacted MCM numerous times by email and by phone, only to have their emails get fobbed off and their phone calls either hung up on or told the person in charge is not available. This has been going on for more than 8 months. In addition to this, OP has tried posting in the MCM Expo group (the noisy one on Facebook) only to have his/her posts deleted.

Deleting criticism. Now who does this remind us of? That's right, Animeleague and Showmasters, both of who delete criticism from their forums.

The owner of Animeleague used to work for MCM. It really boggles my mind that MCM sacked him, and Showmasters stopped having Animeleague organise their cosplay contests, when all 3 companies seem to have the same morals. Or rather, lack thereof!

In addition to this, the impression I get is that the noisy MCM group is filled with bullies, who get off scot free, while people who are within their right to criticise MCM's poor customer service get banned.

This is not the first time I have heard of MCM giving poor customer service. Last year, someone I know was made to walk around the ExCel Centre and as a result nearly ended up back on crutches (MCM London has a one way exit/entry system). He/she has a painful medical condition, you see, which is why he/she wanted to go through the exit. However, the so-called security made him/her walk around the ExCel, because he/she didn't look disabled. On top of this, MCM failed to apologise to him/her for the way they treated him/her. And yet, members of the press are allowed to re-enter through the exit.

At the risk of going off tangent, I don't know why the members of the press are treated like royalty at MCM London! I don't see why they are allowed to enter through the exit, and someone with a painful medical condition cannot. I don't see why they're allowed to go to MCM for free, when surely the newspapers they work for pay them handsomely!

Since MCM's takeover, it appears ReedPop are doing everything to alienate congoers, which MCM as far as I'm concerned has been doing a good job since 2014. Ticket prices for MCM London have been hiked which has driven people away from attending. The way MCM keeps hiking up tickets, the only people who will be able to attend will be people with riches like Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds (albeit, not fictitious). MCMs Liverpool, Telford and Ireland have been cancelled. In my opinion, cancelling the former was a bad move as this has allowed another company to organise a new comic convention for that city and cater to MCM Liverpool's ex-customers, demonstrating there was a viable market for running a convention in Liverpool and MCM has thrown that away. They waited until the month before to announce guests for MCM London. Contrast this to Showmasters who have announced guests (e.g. Christopher Eccleston) even though there are months to go until their rubbish London event.

(In case people are wondering, I have no plans of attending Showmasters's rubbish London event. No, Christopher Eccleston is not a reason to tempt me back. I'm not fussed by how much they're charging for his autograph because I'm not interested in autographs unless they're free.)

Someone I follow on Instagram has pointed out that tickets for MCM London have not yet sold out, even though at the time of writing we only a few weeks away from MCM London. Contrast this to previous years where at the point in time, Weekend tickets would have sold out at the beginning of the previous month and Saturday tickets (both Priority and General) would be nearly sold out if not already sold out by now. As it stands, Weekend tickets are only 95% sold out, while Saturday tickets are only 3/4 of the way sold out. While the former isn't too bad, the latter is questionable.

Either MCM has released more tickets than previously, or people are getting fed up with MCM for various reasons (i.e. poor customer service and stupidly priced tickets) that they have had enough and are refusing to attend MCM. Though personally given that MCM is a behemoth, I'd be surprised that a sufficient dent in ticket purchases has occured. If the latter is the case, it is perhaps worrying MCM London has annoyed so many people.


I am no longer uploading to DA as I have become disenchanted with this website and its owners. I am still uploading my cosplay pics to websites elsewhere on the Internet. DA is not one of them.


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